A downloadable game for Windows

Formerly "Berserk-Inspired Kusoge"

Now with X360 controller support!

Kill enemies to build score and progress to the next level. If you continue to land hits in quick succession without being hit yourself, enemies will become harder, more numerous, and give more powerful rewards.

If an attack is blockable, blocking it will stun the enemy for a fairly long time, usually enabling a potential stunlock.

Narrowly dodging attacks will stun the attacker, and attacking when your sword is red will speed up your next attack. This will be accompanied by a splash of yellow particles and a tasty sound effect.

Emptying out an enemy spawner's stock will cause a flash of green light and provide additional points. When this occurs, move to the next spawner.

Leaving a spawner arena will despawn those enemies. This is a last resort if the enemies are too difficult, or a punishment for getting knocked out.


Arrow Keys - Move (up on a wall to wall-climb)

Z - Basic Attack (has down and up variants) / Air Attack

X - Strong Attack (has down and up variants)

C - Dash (can dash out of the ends of attacks, down+dash to slide)

D - Block (must be timed and facing the enemy, blue attacks are unblockable)

S - Special (Special attacks can be purchased and equipped to up, down, or neutral)

Spacebar - Jump (full jump, short hop, walljump)

Esc/R - Restart

Install instructions

Just extract the zip and run the exe next to the Data folder.

Also smash that MF start button


Consecrated Rampage, Pre-DDXI.zip 13 MB


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