A downloadable game for Windows

Controller Preferred!

Kill enemies to build style and progress to the next level.

The better you play, the greater the rewards.

To reach the greatest depths, you must learn the ins and outs of your 6 standard attacks.

There are many hidden mechanics and techniques.

After each gauntlet you endure, equip items and new special abilities.

Use these abilities enough, and they'll level up. You also get to keep your trusty Helmet between runs. Try to push down into the depths as far as you can!


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Published 287 days ago
StatusIn development
Tags2D, Arcade, Fast-Paced, Hack and Slash, Roguelike, upgrades

Install instructions

Just extract the zip and run the exe next to the Data folder.


Wasteland Rampage DD15.zip (19 MB)

Development log


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Had fun with this. Took me a while to get an "Awesome" rank, even got a Perfect if I recall correctly, and I only noticed afterwards. Still haven't gotten used to doing aerial attacks like in the gif you have here in the game page.

What are your plans for this? Was thinking maybe it needs variation on the level layouts. And more enemy types, perhaps.

Also, the equipment screen was confusing at first, that really needs some reorganizing the GUI layout. Like, I want to see everything I have equipped at a glance (I think you lose equipment each level but I still kinda want to see everything).

The Equipment UI is definitely shitty and placeholder, but fear not!

I'm going to completely revamp how items work so they're more like those in Risk of Rain, with very unique effects that change how you play the game. I was also going to make them equipped in a similar manner, so there's not going to be any UI, and the game flow isn't paused.

And when you're in the screen equipping these, you'll get a description of what it does and a list of what you have equipped.

I've been planning on making a LOT more "hallways" (the short platforming segments) so that you don't see the same ones as often, is that what you meant by variation on level layouts? Or the "arenas" where you do the fighting? I was considering adding some kind of hazards you have to play around, but I kind of like the purity of the fighting as it is now.

Regarding level vatiation, I'm thinking something like, you enter the arena from a different direction at least, if you want to keep it purely fighting segments. And yeah, also the hallways.

Hazards are fine (like that turret on the wall that shoots some sort of laser) as long as you variate them for each stage, and have some stages where there are no traps at all.

I like spamming the dash button during the hallway segments so maybe one with spike pits and ramps would be fun (with still having the ocassional enemy here and there).

Also I was hoping it's possible that you could hit and destroy that laser shooting turret.

Got an error when unpacking the archive. Tried downloading it with two browsers and it's the same problem.

Fixed it. There seems to have been a problem uploading it to itch the first time

Feedback of any kind would be greatly appreciated!