A downloadable game for Windows

Wasteland Rampage is a visceral, intense, hardcore Rogue-Lite.

Descend into Hell and engage in brutal melee combat, making the most of your diverse attacks.
Tightly designed and balanced, combat is easy to learn, and hard to master.
Play online with your friends or strangers, no port forwarding required!

Key Features:

  • As you delve deeper into Hell, you'll decide between new special attacks to augment your moveset. Will your keep your "Nether Launcher" to quickly juggle foes? Or a "Hyper Grenade Throw" for the pure explosive carnage?

  • You'll also equip unique items all with special effects. Buy the items that supplement your play-style, and combine them for devastating synergies.

  • As you play, you'll learn advanced techniques to swing the fight in your favor. Perfect-Cancel to speed up your attacks, Dash-guard out of harm's way, and aim your attacks precisely to change attack properties and deal more damage.

  • A God Hand inspired difficulty meter makes sure you're playing to your limit at all times. If you can avoid getting hit, you'll multiply the souls earned for dispatching foes. Of course, enemies will also become more numerous, and aggressive.

Controller Ready!


Install instructions

Just extract the zip and run the exe next to the Data folder.


Wasteland Rampage (Demo v0.91).zip 79 MB

Development log


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For me, the tutorial kinda works, by that i mean that i can play, but when i get to the drop-off and drop down halfway there the game always crashes, but i am not sure why.

Besides that, the game seems to have really good controls and lots of potential, and talking about how it is currently, its seems really fun, keep up the good work!

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Weird. I can't get this to happen. Thanks for letting me know!

That's one of the first places it would try to save player data, so that might be the issue. If it failed to save the data it might crash. Do you have anything special going on with your drives? Like super low space, corruption, etc.?

It would be trying to write to:

C:\Users\ (((your username))) \AppData\LocalLow\Rendah Games\Wasteland Rampage

Into a file called playerExp.dat

Do you see that file? Or the output_log that might be next to it? If so, I'd love it if you messaged me the contents of that output_log file.

(If you've never looked at your appdata before, you have to type %appdata% into your windows explorer/search bar. And in this case, back out once to find LocalLow instead of Roaming)

I'd GREATLY appreciate any more info you can give me here

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I do have very low space, so that is most likely one of the problems. while looking i found the files with names such as 2018-03-28_202122, all seem to have 2 things in them crash.dmp, and a notepad saying error.I'm not sure if they are supposed to be there. I do see playerExp.dat, but then there is just unity and that's all there is. also i don't have the right thing to open a .dmp file.

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The hard drive thing was just a shot in the dark, unless the drive is literally full it shouldn't matter. The file is only 3 KB.

>a notepad saying error

That sounds super helpful! So it's a file called error.txt or something? Could you copy-paste the contents of it for me?

It would also be amazing if you could upload that .dmp somewhere and give me a link, like Google Drive. I think that's specific, "what was the program trying to do when it crashed" information.

Thanks a bunch for all the help, it's definitely a good idea for me to sort this out before the game ships. If I figure it out I'll upload a new build

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well, there are multiple files that have the error, and there is A LOT of stuff in in those files but i will send the contents of the file i said before, or at what i think is the problem.

Unity Player [version: Unity 5.4.1f1_649f48bbbf0f]

nvwgf2um.dll caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005)
  in module nvwgf2um.dll at 0023:68057eef.

Error occurred at 2018-03-28_202742.
C:\Users\(my name)\Downloads\Wasteland Rampage DD19\Wasteland Rampage DD19.exe, run by (my name again).
25% memory in use.
0 MB physical memory [0 MB free].
0 MB paging file [0 MB free].
0 MB user address space [3405 MB free].
Write to location 00000090 caused an access violation.

EDI:    0x00000090  ESI: 0x07fcd248  EAX:   0x00000000
EBX:    0x07fe7180  ECX: 0x0000001c  EDX:   0x00000000
EIP:    0x68057eef  EBP: 0x0823fd24  SegCs: 0x00000023
EFlags: 0x00010202  ESP: 0x0823fd10  SegSs: 0x0000002b

Also while looking saw 77 modules if you want to see them.

this might work, https://drive.google.com/open?id=1gmH2sxBzLt4V1jBEfLhQltiNx2cqwcTa.

All right, I may have just fixed it. There's a new build up if you want to try it out

Thanks again!

Deleted post

Can't play. It goes to the tutorial and it seems like half the screen is cut off. I can't see the character, but when I press buttons I can hear the sound. Cant get it to work at all.

I think I fixed that bug a while ago, I just put up a new build if you want to see if that works.

ohhh sorry then, I did download it straight from the Itch app though. Is the correct version on there?

Heh, I was saying I uploaded a new build in response to your comment, not that you got the wrong one. I only saw one dude experience the bug, so I just left that build up. I don't know how the itch app works, I'd assume the new build should be up on both now.

Oh yeah sorry, yeah I would like to try the new build for sure

I love this game

that's awesome to hear, thanks man

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Here's the result from the new build and please assign a version number to keep track. I don't know why your page won't update at the bottom either, that was my way to check for new versions.

The buffs to the down+normal attack were pretty good, it had terrible range before and now it's very good to keep up with hitheal. Edit here, as I got better a single perfect shadow and continuous perfect cancels on down+normal will stunlock everything including boss-level enemies like the purple-masked mutant. Late game is very much around playing with down+normal if you're low on health else back to neutral strong attack dash cancel, double jump kiting from end to end and specials with the launcher perk. Improved description is a plus now and it did make something clearer, I thought the safeGuard perk was the one to let me parry enemy attack mid down+strong attack at times but it's just about taking less damage when you're not recovering. Room bosses are pretty great, exception to late-game ones that spawn two of them with extra long health bars(not a problem, it's good in fact) that go offscreen(this one is the problem). The special spawn consisting of 6 angels requiring you to either parry all 6 or instantly rush 3 of them down with down+normal or neutral normal or even dash all the way to one side of the screen so you can parry all 6 from one side instead of doing it the harder way and side-turn parry. 

Training mode's very much decent now. I don't really need to use any up normal/strong attacks, despite their new buffs(faster, longer range) as the specialLaunch tends to replace that. Maybe make enemies suffer double damage that are currently in a juggle state? It'd be a perfect fit to use with a down+strong cancel. New Shadow strike perk is pretty good too and it stacks, so the reward only gets bigger for perfect cancels. As I'm speaking of cancels, they're much more noticeable now. I remember you saying you were to implement a simple effect when a perk takes action, but I can't say I've noticed it over multiple cancels(thanks to easyCancel), as the character flashes red. I've also noticed a slower neutral strong attack but thankfully it seems to not be overboard and still good.

Here's another update with some webms on how powerful down+normal attack really is.


https://a.pomfe.co/xbdvdgw.webm (Sorry for this one, it's a 15MB webm, had to make sure you could at least discern something) That's it, good luck.

Demo's been pretty decent so far, I really need more practice to even attempt to leave the sixth layer of hell. Having an improved training mode where it isn't just for combo practice but you're able to force enemies out of their passive state into a hostile to be able to get certain parries down. This would of course be unlocked bit by bit as you kill enemies, you gain access to them in training. Having perks and their descriptions in training would be very useful too, as trying to find out what some of them do feels like attempting to solve an unsolvable riddle.

Unfortunately I also have no clue what affects the soul count at the start of a run. Best of luck on making a good game overall.

Hot damn, I think you're the first person get that far. Once you "beat" the sixth layer it just starts looping with increased enemy spawn rates, so you pretty much had the game beaten.

So you're in a position to give me some hot feedback I've been missing out on (answer as you please, not trying to ask too much):

How long do you think it took to get there? Like, how many runs did you do prior to that one? I basically have no clue what the difficulty curve looks like. Did everything feel balanced and fair? Were you spamming attacks or blocking and weaving out of harm's way? Was enemy variety acceptable? What stood out as fun, what was not fun, etc.

You may be the first person to have pressed the "Training" button, but I could definitely add hostile enemies to it.

I was thinking I'll add slightly less vague, Souls-esque item descriptions to the equip area, so that should fix that issue.

Your starting Soul Count is the total souls earned in your best run divided by 20, plus 2000. I was going to write that on the screen somewhere but that was a late addition and I didn't get around to it.

Thanks a ton for the feedback, this stuff is super helpful.

I just asked in the thread right now(time of writing), to figure out if you'd like a recording instead despite me having practice and having reached up to the sixth layer and may give you a better assessment on certain things that I'm about to write below.

To judge the game as a whole first(not exactly my own opinion as a player), what it taught you and forced you to do in order to get far was very good. If you're supposed to master/get by with most of what you're taught you'll do fine, it's very decent but with some flaws as certain things such as sliding is completely useless when you can parry instead since sliding was non-existent -i.e worse than even being horrible- in this demo. I can compare it akin to Dark souls 2's ADP mishap at starting levels with an exception that it's also finicky and I might be wrong here but I don't think it covers the whole body, just the torso. It's also great for another reason as you can't chain dodges as if you were an acrobat, so it carries a slight risk(I'd say play Ghost knight Victis as one of your fellow developers in the thread also managed to incorporate a slight risk to it, namely 'Phase dash', if you 'need' to see it outside your game).

Time-wise I'd say a generous 2 hours+(with a bonus of one hour looking how to reset unity's default launcher inputs as they seem to not care and other solutions were to no avail. What saved me here was not running it as an admin this time, so this is a good tip for you to implement a settings menu with configurable key bindings) plus give or take as when I give feedback I replay the demos, check the thread/patch notes and your history mostly with some tidbits not in here that I cannot remember. So I can't give you a rough or proper estimate here, sorry. Each time I've also done runs one after another, one in a while popping in training mode to assess how to properly use specials and getting attack canceling(blue flash) timing down. Maybe 20-45+ runs total with some very early deaths to which I'd appreciate a pause button too(your game is probably too different from souls so to speak as to why you should include it, but if you'd prefer to keep it which is most likely better please add a secret combination to pause). Enemies seem very much balanced as long as you play the game as intended, which is to actually make use of your tools. One thing which did piss me off and later I realized you did indeed include an animation/trigger for when they are about to attack or have a charged attack are the multi-coloured crystal golems. Their spiked arm would glow but I feel like it's still very much hidden in the midst of combat(they give me no trouble at all now, but that arm still needs to get checked, maybe a whole body glow or what have you).

Combat strategy tends to change depends on enemies spawned so if I get scythe + angels I'm most likely going to want to 'spam' light attack with attack cancels(blue flash) to be able to dispatch angels and hitstun scythe wielders. No angels/golems/kings/ will differ from neutral heavy attack combo to attack canceling between both light and heavy(plus down heavy) if scythes appear. Aerial attacks were mostly unused and if you're good enough not use them at all with the sole exception for section switches on those hittable blood ray pillars. Enemy variety was pretty good too. I've also said it before but really not knowing what some of the perks even do just like not knowing what the pendant does in dark souls is at the very least frustrating. Basically, don't send me on a multiple year wild-goose chase. That's about it I think, no other bugs or issues. Your call if you want a fresh run(delete progression) recording for assessment as written above.

>Your starting Soul Count is the total souls earned in your best run divided by 20, plus 2000. I was going to write that on the screen somewhere but that was a late addition and I didn't get around to it.

Oh well, I wouldn't mind a patch/hotfix after submitting your game to demoday even if for just that. Best of luck.

Thanks so much, this is all very very helpful and great to hear.

The later enemies are all 100% placeholder and basically weren't intended to be seen by people because I didn't think players were getting there. So yeah, in the final game, all the attacking enemies will have attention-grabbing "startup" phases and aggressive-looking walk cycles like the CubeHead dudes do now. The dash has 0 invincibility frames, and I want blocking to be the right option if you have the time to block.

So dashing is there to cancel attacks into movement and just generally give tighter control over where you're standing. Like, you might want to just dash out of the way of an Axe and start a heavy attack rather than waiting to block it. The slide (down+c) does lower your hitbox under certain attacks  (all but the Scythe wielders and "Crystal Golem") if you crave fancy dodging.

I'm extremely pleased to hear most of the high-level stuff I designed is working right and enjoyable.

The lack of a pause button is completely due to laziness and not some kind of Souls homage. I'm going to start adding one very soon. Basically, I have a lot of dangerous code that would reset the timescale back to normal while paused, so I have to work around that.

I'll probably add a lot more visual tells and feedback on what the items do, alongside the new descriptions when equipping. I was thinking I'd add Risk of Rain style item icons to the hud, then I could make them flash for a couple frames whenever the stat is called to do something. That would still be subtle and give the player room to experiment, but give them a good direction. I'm kind of torn on whether or not I should tell you what the "hidden" glitchy-looking items were after you buy them. I at least gave it a description to say that they're normal, unidentified items. I love figuring out what you just equipped in OG Roguelikes, and there's a subtle mechanic/secret already in place that you can learn to partially identify the items before buying them.

I would be interested to see a video of you playing, reset or not, but you've already written two huge feedback posts, so I really don't want to ask for too much here. I DID just upload a new build with the last couple weeks of work, though.

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Ah so the slide really does suck, I tried sliding the thrown shurikens as an example. I'm more or less aware of the dash features and how it basically had no invincibillity(that you've confirmed now).

>I would be interested to see a video of you playing, reset or not, but you've already written two huge feedback posts, so I really don't want to ask for too much here.

I'm giving all* demoday demos a pass so that doesn't matter or mind to me.

>then I could make them flash for a couple frames whenever the stat is called to do something

That might suffice.

>I DID just upload a new build with the last couple weeks of work, though.

Are you talking about the current one as the new build(pic related) or one that has you've yet to upload? Oh and as an edit, I've actually gotten out of sixth layer onto eight now and I can see what you mean.


Making a separate post as I'm not sure itch.io gives notifications for edited posts. I don't exactly know why it captured audio outside the game, but here is the video nonetheless.


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Nice, this video gave me tons of ideas for tweaks and balance changes. I was planning on making the later areas a easier, so it's good I saw your feedback before I restructured/neutered the game.

I'm not sure why you couldn't see the new build, but it had a game-breaking bug anyway. Thanks for all the feedback!

Had fun with this. Took me a while to get an "Awesome" rank, even got a Perfect if I recall correctly, and I only noticed afterwards. Still haven't gotten used to doing aerial attacks like in the gif you have here in the game page.

What are your plans for this? Was thinking maybe it needs variation on the level layouts. And more enemy types, perhaps.

Also, the equipment screen was confusing at first, that really needs some reorganizing the GUI layout. Like, I want to see everything I have equipped at a glance (I think you lose equipment each level but I still kinda want to see everything).

The Equipment UI is definitely shitty and placeholder, but fear not!

I'm going to completely revamp how items work so they're more like those in Risk of Rain, with very unique effects that change how you play the game. I was also going to make them equipped in a similar manner, so there's not going to be any UI, and the game flow isn't paused.

And when you're in the screen equipping these, you'll get a description of what it does and a list of what you have equipped.

I've been planning on making a LOT more "hallways" (the short platforming segments) so that you don't see the same ones as often, is that what you meant by variation on level layouts? Or the "arenas" where you do the fighting? I was considering adding some kind of hazards you have to play around, but I kind of like the purity of the fighting as it is now.

Regarding level vatiation, I'm thinking something like, you enter the arena from a different direction at least, if you want to keep it purely fighting segments. And yeah, also the hallways.

Hazards are fine (like that turret on the wall that shoots some sort of laser) as long as you variate them for each stage, and have some stages where there are no traps at all.

I like spamming the dash button during the hallway segments so maybe one with spike pits and ramps would be fun (with still having the ocassional enemy here and there).

Also I was hoping it's possible that you could hit and destroy that laser shooting turret.

Got an error when unpacking the archive. Tried downloading it with two browsers and it's the same problem.

Fixed it. There seems to have been a problem uploading it to itch the first time

Feedback of any kind would be greatly appreciated!